Optometrist/ Owner

Karen Reed, OD

As a veteran in her field, Dr. Reed practiced optometry for over a decade before pressing onward to begin her own practice in 2016.

Dr. Reed believes first and foremost in the virtue of doing unto others and has instilled this virtue and passion for care and kindness in her team. 



David Bell, OD

Dr. Bell has been an optometrist for over 25 years! He loves music, and enjoys expresso drinks. The staff gets excited when he brings the expresso to share! 



Adam Wira, OD

Dr. Wira was born in Chicago and has lived in Poland! He started in the optical field in 2013 while completing his undergraduate degree. He enjoys family time at parks, and good food! 



Darci Prewitt, OD

Dr. Prewitt has been an optometrist for a long time! She enjoys exercise and spending time with her children. She is also an incredible baker!



Coming Soon...

Reed Eye Care Center is hiring a new doctor very soon...

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